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The Disaster That Changed Engineering: The Hyatt Regency Collapse

Today's guest video is from Grady at Practical Engineering! Go subscribe:

The Hyatt Regency Hotel collapse was a disaster that changed engineering: it's taught in colleges and universities as a way to make it clear: you check and double-check everything. Something that seems like a subtle change can cause a catastrophic failure if it's not thoroughly checked first!
KH : Hyatt regency collapse to structural engineers is the TGN-1412 to clinical trial coordinators
Pc freak : i was thinking that the bride cant hold bouth
GH1618 : The investigation also found that the original design was inadequate. It was flimsy from the original concept.
Edward Saldana : Dang I’ll stay off my kids skate board
Gregor Kielbasa : „[...] to never ever happen again“
Ironically the same mistake has been made 20 years ago in Indonesia Cental bank. And again people died

Regency hotel shooting

Truth about the regency hotel shooting and the corruption of Police in Ireland who set it all up
Wayne Stead Fine Art Photography : Scarcity made this ?
David Smith : There is a few people charged wit this hit and europole looking for the person they think planned it all Gerard the monk hutch it’s well made this make a good movie crazy shit
julian potentate : long may you run dannyboy
julian potentate :  @David Smith  correct kinahan wanted to put is side across
David Smith : Kinahan paid for this it’s well made and would need a little bita money to make it trying to prove police want him dead well make job easier they lower to criminal ways haha

Ireland Deadliest Gang War: Hutch v Kinahan

The feud between the gangs lead by Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch and Christy “the Dapper Don” Kinahan started in 2015 when Gary Hutch, a nephew of Gerry, was gunned down in Spain. The Kinahan gang suspected Gary to be an informant and ordered his assassination.

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Cbooth1988 : I’m looking forward to the Hutch family getting their revenge
If i got a £, for everytime i walked a step... : Robbie lawlor cheffin up Keane woods did they both have any links to the Kinahans or hutch’s? Or that beef was something else?
andrew : Just one thing.....fuck the TV licence. More that pay the more that have no clue they don't need to pay.
Billy : How did this feud start?
Wayne Kieft : The war on drugs was lost along time ago.The only way forward is to legalise and control all drugs.Billions get wasted on trying to fight the drug wars, when the money would be more useful for other means,especially during these troubling times!




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